1929 Ford Model a Model A Stake Truck

1929 Ford Model a Model A Stake Truck
Mulberry Maroon
200.5/40hp L-Head 4cyl
3-Speed Manual
Body Style:
This 1929 Model A Ford Truck is presented in Mulberry Maroon with Black interior. One of the nation’s finest restorers of vintage Model A Fords has just completed an extensive nut-and-bolt restoration on this 1929 Ford Modal A pickup. All mechanicals have been professionally rebuilt, including the 200.5/40 HP L-head four cylinder engine, which received a high compression cylinder head to improve performance. All body panels are very straight and finished with show quality paint, and the car features new Lebaron-Bonney interior and top, the latter folding down to transform this great little showpiece into a true roadster. Its equipped with a 200.5 CID L head four cylinder 40 HP motor and the motor has only test miles on it. The top bows will fold down to make into true roadster. The top and interior are new Lebaron-Bonney and all body panels are very straight and finished with show quality paint. A breif history on the 29 Model A Ford Truck: Among the Ford Model A truck offerings was this closed-cab pickup. Both the A and AA carried a 200-cubic-inch four-cylinder engine producing 40 horsepower -- twice that of the Model T's 177-cid four -- along with a sliding-gear three-speed transmission. Ford trumped the industry again in 1929 when it introduced a new factory-built light-duty model: the wood-bodied Station Wagon. But few events -- automotive or otherwise -- could match what was about to take place. For on October 29, thereafter referred to as 'Black Tuesday,' the nation's financial well-being would be dealt a serious blow as the stock market began to crash, triggering the Great Depression. As might be expected, the 1929 Model B changed little after its 1928 redesign -- and it didn't need to; for the first time in three years, Ford topped Chevrolet in sales. This closed-cab pickup sold for $475. For about $30 less, buyers could get a Ford Model A pickup with an open cab. With its innovations and ideas, Ford made a lasting impact on the automotive world during the 1
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